“What in tarnation is happenin’ ta this world?!? All ‘cross the face of Faerûn far as the eye c’n see—first it was dragons, then it’s evil element kidnappers! Then we get tol’ sum floosy nonsense stories ‘bout sum wicked demons ’n devils goin’ insane under our own farms—right where we stand!! Not ta mention those weerwolf things lurkin’ in the forests snatchin’ up our chillen!! And now… Now we’re tol’ them giants is goin’ stark crazy! All of ‘em! My couzin Verne in Codswollop Hollow done gone missin’!! ‘Cuz o’ giants!! Now, you answer me, boy!! By the eyes o’ my ancestors, what is happenin’ to us?!?”
—-Farmer Miles Furnwurth, Local Curmudgeon and Alarmist

Storm King's Thunder-D&D

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